Thursday, December 25, 2008

Picture Smorgasbord

In no particular order, here are some pictures taken since October with explanatory captions for your enjoyment:

Miles on Christmas Eve sporting a fauxhawk. Basically, however we style his hair directly after a bath is more or less how it will dry and remain for the next day or so. The Baby Fauxhawk is a popular option.

Miles and Gavin wearing their new matching Christmas jammies together. Gavin is wearing a robe so his aren't visible, but they do in fact match Miles'. Lauren and I decided to start a Christmas tradition of new jams for the kids each Christmas Eve.

Miles is already an accomplished snuggler, just like his mommy.

Gavin was getting grumpy by this point in our pumpkin patch adventure. About five minutes after this he was ordering me to "stop taking pictures, Dad!"

Gavin's Papa (Lauren's dad) taught him how to play a little harmonica over the Thanksgiving break, but the glasses were Gavin's idea. Apparently he doesn't need to be taught how to be freakin' cool.

Gavin loves to fish with his Papa, even though he's never caught anything. Mostly he just likes to reel in the line.

It's probably obvious by now that Gavin loves hanging out with his Papa.

Two shots of Gavin at a park near our apartment.

After a lot of debate and mind-changing Gavin settled on a Thomas the Train costume for Halloween. Miles was a sleepy chili pepper.

Here's a shot of Gavin at the pumpkin patch before he became a cranky beast.