Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gavin's birthday and stuff

We put up a shelf in the playroom to attempt to control the mess, Miles really liked sitting in it.
Miles also really likes walking around in other people's shoes. This pair matched his outfit really well.

Gavin turned 4 a little while back. *sniff sniff* My little boy is becoming a big boy.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Miles Birthday Pictures. (Yes it was a while ago.)

So Miles had a good birthday back in October (yeah this is way late). We celebrated at Hara and Papa's house. This is a picture of him eating his cupcake when there was still icing on the cupcake.

Gavin and Mommy enjoying some birthday cupcakes too.
A little chocolate icing bath it seems.

This is what happened when the chocolate frosting on the cupcake was all gone.

Miles really loved the present he got from Hara and Papa. He still loves it.

It is shameful how long it has been since the last post!

Miles really enjoys oatmeal. He definitely got a bath after this meal.
Miles was the scarecrow from the wizard of oz for Halloween. At least he will let me pick his costumes still. Gavin picked his and wouldn't let anyone talk him out of it. There is a picture of it around here somewhere.
We went to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. They have this cool penguin exhibit where they feed them and teach the public. Gavin loved getting to see them, but my arms got tired of holding him up to see above the water. Heavy kid.
Miles being cute. Such adorable red hair and blue eyes.
Hello Cuties!!
Gavin rockin' out on the baby guitar.

This was Gavin's Halloween costume. He decided to be Duke from G.I. Joe. I didn't get it, but I loved that he had to make this face whenever the mask went on. Too funny. Miles is peeking from behind dressed as the scarecrow.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Random Pics from August

Look at those toofers! Such a cutie pie!
John was being silly and apparently tickled the boys funny bones.
Poor little Miles decided to refuse his afternoon nap. He was unable to make it through dinner.
A cute picture of me and the boys after church.
Fishy Face!!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

A couple pics from July and a bit of August

We went fishing while at Hara and Papa's house. Gavin caught 4 fish!!
Papa and his friend who was fishing with us told Gavin that he had to kiss the fish when he caught it. Yuck, can you see the blood dripping-gross!
Miles got really messy at dinner so we put him in the sink with the rest of the dirty dishes!!
Still so cute!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Everyone got a new outfit for Easter except me (John). All I got was a new tie. We wanted a picture of the kids with Lauren, but Miles quickly pooped out of his, so all you get is Gavin and Lauren.

We shelled out for a fancy new playtime contraption for Miles last week. He loves it.

Miles also loves eating baby food these days, especially green beans, carrots, and bananas.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pics from the last three months

Lauren and Gavin cooked chili tonight. Gavin poured in the beans and the chicken, stirred, and tasted.

We all took BART into San Francisco recently with Lauren's sister Katy and her fiance (now husband) Cody. It got really cold and so we zipped up Miles into my coat in his carrier.

The kids pose at Katy's wedding reception.

Gavin was being silly at the temple after the wedding.

Miles likes to do Superman impressions while on his belly.

Miles is in that I-explore-the-world-through-putting-it-in-my-mouth phase.

Miles looking typically cuddly and adorable.

Gavin looking typically vacant and artsy.

Gavin and I have a touching father-son moment while Miles checks out something really fascinating on the floor.