Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pics from the last three months

Lauren and Gavin cooked chili tonight. Gavin poured in the beans and the chicken, stirred, and tasted.

We all took BART into San Francisco recently with Lauren's sister Katy and her fiance (now husband) Cody. It got really cold and so we zipped up Miles into my coat in his carrier.

The kids pose at Katy's wedding reception.

Gavin was being silly at the temple after the wedding.

Miles likes to do Superman impressions while on his belly.

Miles is in that I-explore-the-world-through-putting-it-in-my-mouth phase.

Miles looking typically cuddly and adorable.

Gavin looking typically vacant and artsy.

Gavin and I have a touching father-son moment while Miles checks out something really fascinating on the floor.


Steve said...

I dig the beard!

Stacey said...

Kaylee put everything in her mouth too

Lisa said...

We're so glad that you guys are posting more! Keep it coming! :)

The Lindsey's said...

VERY cute pictures!! I can't believe how big Gavin is! I think we moved when he was really little still. Wow.
Lauren, to answer your question, we moved to Ohio in August for Grad school. We hear so much stuff about Kentucky (since it's like a hour away from us...) and it reminds me of you every time =). What's your email so we can catch up?

The Lindsey's said...

tmbr116 at is mine